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Why are campus phones used by so many schools?

Because of the notice from the General Office of the Ministry of Education on strengthening the management of mobile phones for primary and secondary school students

Education Foundation Office Letter (2021) No. 3

The Education Departments (Education Commissions) of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the Education Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the use of mobile phones by students has many adverse effects on school management and student development. In order to protect the eyesight of students, allow students to concentrate on studying at school, prevent indulging in the Internet and games, and promote the physical and mental health of students, the notice is hereby to further strengthen the management of mobile phones for primary and secondary school students.

1. Limited access to campus.

Schools should inform students and parents that in principle, personal mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into campus. If a student really needs to bring a mobile phone into the campus, he must obtain the consent of the student’s parent and submit a written application. After entering the school, the mobile phone shall be handed over to the school for unified custody, and it is prohibited to bring it into the classroom.

2. Detailed management measures.

Schools should incorporate mobile phone management into the school’s daily management, formulate specific measures, clarify the place, method, and responsible person for unified storage, and provide necessary storage devices. Measures such as setting up school public telephones, establishing a communication hotline for class teachers, exploring the use of electronic student IDs with call functions, or providing other parents with convenient ways to contact students, should solve the needs of students and parents to call. Strengthen classroom teaching and homework management, and do not use mobile phones to assign homework or require students to use mobile phones to complete homework.

3. Strengthen education and guidance.

Schools should strengthen education and guidance through various forms such as speeches under the national flag, class and team meetings, psychological counseling, school rules and disciplines, so that students can treat them scientifically and rationally and use mobile phones reasonably, improve students' information literacy and self-management ability, and avoid simple and rude management behaviors.

Fourth, do a good job in home-school communication.

The school should inform the parents of the relevant requirements of mobile phone management, clarify the harmfulness of excessive use of mobile phones and the need to strengthen management. Parents should perform their education responsibilities, strengthen supervision and management of children's use of mobile phones, and form a joint effort for home-school education.

5. Strengthen supervision and inspection.

The county-level education administrative department should guide the school to refine the mobile phone management regulations, listen to opinions and suggestions widely, and solve the problems in the school's mobile phone management in a timely manner. The education supervision department shall incorporate the management of school mobile phones into the scope of daily supervision to ensure that relevant requirements are fully implemented and promote the healthy growth of students.

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