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IP sound and light explosion-proof  telephone

IP sound and light explosion-p…


RJ45 interface, which can support POE; Power supply mode: POE or DC12V; When the called is ringing, the alarm light flashes; Support speed dial function, 3 groups of one-key dialing; WEB page registration configuration, automatic answer, hotline number, do not disturb Etc .; compatible with various sip protocol IPPBX, support alarm broadcast video trigger linkage

AFT-BG-02FW IP explosion-proof waterproof phone

AFT-BG-02FW IP explosion-proof…


· General dial function, handset mode · Web page configuration, registration · Support auto answer, hotline dialing, DND · Support IPV4 & IPV6, VIAN, LLDP, open VPN, STWN intranet penetration, SIP connection mode · Compatible with various SIP protocol IPPBX switches

AFT-BG-02F Explosion-proof waterproof telephone

AFT-BG-02F Explosion-proof wat…


Ordinary dialing function, handset mode; support for checking busy tone, automatic hang-up function; 3 groups of blank keys on the right side can pre-store numbers for one-touch speed dialing; compatible with various program-controlled switches, support switch's multicast function

ands-free explosion-proof waterproof phone

ands-free explosion-proof wate…


Shell material: aluminum alloy Surface treatment: high temperature spray Color: outdoor yellow Dimensions: 320 × 255 × 138mm Protection level: IP66 Explosion-proof mark: Ex nA ic IIC T6 Gc Adapt to humidity: more than 95%

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