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AFTUEL provides campus telephones for a school in Bengbu, Anhui

Model: AFT-BG-88

Phone introduction

Telephone users: The user can hold a management card (13.56M radio frequency card) in his hand. When using it, he only needs to insert the management card in the user's hand into the card slot of the card machine, pick up the microphone, and start making a call. During the call, the call time and the amount used can be displayed on the LCD screen of the device. After the call is over, you can display the total duration of the call, the total amount of this call, and the remaining amount in the management card.

  Recharge management: Users can take the card to the designated recharge point to recharge. The designated recharge point needs to install recharge software on the computer, connect the IC card reading and writing device to the computer, and place the card on the IC card reading and writing device. You can recharge through computer software in the customer's pre-set sector (the recharged phone bill is stored in one of the designated sectors of the IC card), and set a special city code according to customer requirements, and the unit code is encrypted. The operation of the recharge software is simple and easy to use.

  Encryption management: In order to prevent the use of other illegal cards, we set the city code, unit code and sector number on the phone. These three items must be consistent with the city code, unit code, and card sector number set by the software of our designated recharge point, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

  Phone settings: The city code, unit code, and IC card sector number in the phone can be set on the phone background through commands (this setting is the factory setting).



Phone application

Campuses, stations, docks, airports, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls, residential properties, municipal engineering, regulatory complaints, convenience services, hospitals, vehicle management offices and other places.



Phone feature highlights

√ External plug-in card. Support 13.56M radio frequency card, ID card, CPU card, IC card

√ Adjustable functions inside the phone: volume setting, display setting, emergency call setting, forbidden time, forbidden dialing number, maximum call duration, radio frequency card setting, network lock and card lock, password setting

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