Banking Telephone
AFT-BG-08 Bank Direct Phone
Product No.AFT-BG-08
Housing material: cold-rolled steel
Finish: high temperature anti-static spray paint
Color: customized
Dimensions: 300×200×50mm
Protection: IP54
Adapt to temperature: -20 - 70 ℃
Relative Humidity: ≤75%

Product details

Product introduction:
1, the metal shell, strong and durable.
 2. You can dial 110, 119, 120 and other emergency numbers in the first three seconds after picking up the phone.
 3, automatically call the bank customer service hotline number after offhook three seconds, and can set their own number.
 4. This machine has the function of checking the busy tone to hang up automatically.
 5, the phone can only call the bank customer service hotline and emergency number, other numbers are locked.

Application range:
Banks, securities companies, exhibition halls, tax bureaus, auditoriums, parks, scenic areas for help, supermarkets to find people, airports, stations, large dust-free workshops, safe city alarms and other unattended places.

Product Features:
1. The outer casing of the telephone is made of cold-rolled steel plate, stamped by die, and the surface is treated with baking varnish. It has strong corrosion resistance, dustproof, anti-noise and anti-riot characteristics. The whole machine protection grade is IP54;
2. The telephone main board is developed by imported ATMEL MCU, environmentally friendly SMD components, high integration, safety and stability;
3. Telephone 16-bit button (keyboard) is made of high-grade zinc alloy metal material, contact resistance ≤ 30 ohms. Service life ≥ 2 million times. Pressing force 160-200 grams;
4. Telephone handset (handle) adopts imported ABS engineering plastics, Teflon wire, high-strength wear-resistant metal hose, and adopts special anti-noise microphone, which makes clear call and seal in 115dB (volume unit: decibel) environment. Good sex;
5. The telephone handset hook (hanging fork) is made of zinc alloy material and controlled by intelligent magnetic induction switch. The service life is ≥500,000 times;
6. Low power consumption, suitable for all kinds of telephone lines; lightning protection and leakage prevention design;

Product Specifications:

functional module

Technical specifications

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Nonlinear distortion

< 5%

Handset rope tensile strength


Key life

>50 Million times

Hook life

>50 Million times

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

>10000 hours

Power supply

Line power supply ≥16 mA

Call DC resistance


Working current


DC impedance

< 500Ω

Installation method

Wall mounting

Product packaging specifications:
Specifications: 1 / box;
Volume: 0.02664 cubic meters (m3);
Gross weight: 4.2 KG;
Net weight: 4.0 KG
Packing: pearl cotton, cardboard box;
Box size: length * width * height 400 * 370 * 180 mm

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