Banking Telephone
AFT-BG-62 desktop phone
Product No.AFT-BG-62
Shell material: 304 stainless steel
Surface treatment: anti-static powder high temperature paint
Color: Custom
Dimensions: 220x150x70mm
Protection level: IP54
Adapt to temperature: -20 - 70 ° C
Adapt to humidity: 75% or less

Product details

Product introduction:
This phone is compatible with most program-controlled switches, and is mainly used for voice communication in public working environments, and can implement point-to-point (single-button) calls on public communication networks or private networks;
This phone comes with a number storage function. When you lift the handset (off-hook), you can automatically connect to the preset number (the customer can set any number that needs to be dialed);
Emergency phone calls such as 110, 120, 119 can be made within 3 seconds of lifting the phone handle. After 3 seconds, it will automatically connect to the designated storage number (such as bank customer service 95599, 95555, 95508, 400, etc., and you can also set any number that needs to be dialed automatically according to the instructions);
The phone has an automatic hang-up function (even if the handset is not hung up, the phone can hang up automatically without affecting the next use, and the program has a self-protection function);
This phone can be used as a customer service phone or as a normal phone.

1 , for bank ATMs , telephone banking line services
2 , convenient for city maintenance of telephone complaints telephone call station
3, for China Telecom, China Mobile , China Unicom customer service terminals or call helpline Power Group

4, for the attractions / exhibition / large social group activities / large venues such as doing service calls

Product Features :

Phone casing using cold-rolled steel material through a die stamping, surface treatment using paint , corrosion resistance, dustproof , anti-noise , uprising characteristics , machine protection grade IP54;

ATMEL microcontroller development telephones motherboard with imported environment-friendly chip components , high integration, security , and stability ;

Phone 16 keys ( keyboard ) with high-grade zinc alloy metal material , the contact resistance ≤ 30 ohms life ≥ 200 million times the intensity of 160-200 grams pressed . ;
Telephone handset ( handle ) imported ABS plastic , Teflon wire, high strength wear-resistant metal hose , while using special anti-noise microphone , at 115dB ( volume unit: dB ) environments call clarity , tightness ;
Telephone handset hook ( hang fork ) using mechanical methods to control ( you can also choose zinc alloy , is controlled by intelligent magnetic sensor switch, life ≥ 50 million times ) ;
According to specific needs , you can dial the phone set to normal mode can also be set to automatically dial-up .
Based on customer needs , the company LOGO printing and related instructions.


Product Specifications:

functional module

Technical specifications

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Nonlinear distortion

< 5%

Handset rope tensile strength


Key life

>50 Million times

Hook life

>50 Million times

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

>10000 hours

Power supply

Line power supply ≥16 mA

Call DC resistance


Working current


DC impedance

< 500Ω

Installation method

Wall mounting

Product packaging specifications :

Specifications : 1 set / box ;
Volume: 0.02664 cubic meters (m³);
GW : 4.2 KG;
Weight : 3.0KG
Packing: EPE , carton ;
Carton size : L * W * H 400*370*180 mm

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