Waterproof Telephone
IP Waterproof Amplified Sound and Light Telephone
Product No.AFT-BG-02WKL
Connection method: network cable
Shell material: aluminum alloy shell
Surface treatment: high temperature antistatic spray
Color: yellow
Size: 320 × 255 × 138mm
Protection level: IP68
Speaker power: 30W
Adapted temperature: -40-70 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%

Product details

product description
The IP waterproof sound and light alarm telephone supports the standard SIP protocol, which can be effectively compatible with commonly used IPPBX and network dispatching platforms in the market. It is specially designed for subway tunnels, underground pipe corridor tunnels, highway tunnels, mines, power plants, steel plants, ports, Special telephones developed in high humidity and high dust environments such as ships and electrolysis workshops are suitable for long-term installation in various harsh environments. They are waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, cold-proof, frost-resistant, high-temperature resistant, oxidation-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Anti-violent percussion and other characteristics.

1. Aluminum alloy material, formed by more than 1,000 tons of die-casting machine, with high density and light weight, with the characteristics of cold and frost resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and violent percussion resistance;
2. The handle is made of German Bayer ABS+PC alloy material, and adopts an integrated evacuated molding structure. Military-grade transmitter and receiver are selected internally, and are equipped with permanent magnets. It has the characteristics of explosion-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-noise, cold-proof, frost-proof, and anti-violent percussion;
3. The hook is made of zinc alloy stamping, after polishing, electroplating and other surface treatment processes, the back is encapsulated with imported reed switches from abroad, which can be used with the built-in permanent magnet magnet in the handle to switch between off-hook and on-hook. The hook has the characteristics of anti-cold, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, and anti-salt spray;
4. The buttons are made of anti-aging silicone material, professionally designed for waterproof and dustproof, matched with gold-plated PCB boards, good hand feeling, good electrical performance, and service life ≥ 500,000 times;
5. The phone motherboard adopts an industrial-grade IP motherboard, and reserves a wealth of signal stem nodes to facilitate linkage with surrounding external devices;
6. The phone shell adopts multiple waterproof designs, and all incoming lines are sealed with professional anti-aging waterproof electronic glue, and the overall protection level of the phone reaches IP68;
7. The protection grade of the loudspeaker and the sound and light warning light is IP65, and the explosion-proof grade is Exd IIC T6. It has the characteristics of waterproof, explosion-proof, and moisture-proof, and can be used in the open air;
8. The whole telephone set has passed the national explosion-proof level test, and the explosion-proof level: ExnA ic IIC T6 G

Phone function introduction (due to the high integration of the motherboard, please confirm the specific functions before leaving the factory)
1. Amplification function: When the phone is in the called state, the ringing sound will be amplified and transmitted through the speaker. For example, after ringing for 3-5 times, if no one answers, the phone will automatically answer and the calling voice will be heard. Amplify through the speaker to achieve live broadcast;
2. Sound and light alarm function: when the phone is in the called state, the ringing sound and light warning light will be emitted, accompanied by red light rotating and flashing. It is suitable for places with loud noise and dark environment; when the phone handle is lifted After the machine answers, the sound and light warning lights will automatically cut off;
3. Ordinary dialing: After pressing the hands-free button, dial by yourself through the keyboard;
4. One-key dialing: The phone supports storage of up to four groups of numbers (including the one-key speed dial button), and the number is permanently stored after it is set, and it will not be lost after power failure. When in use, "lift the phone -> select the key to store the number" to dial out;
5. Automatic dialing: After pressing the hands-free button, the phone will automatically dial a set of pre-stored numbers;
6. Cyclic dialing: After pressing the hands-free button, the first group of numbers will be automatically dialed. If the line is busy or there is no answer, then it will go to the second group. When the last group is still busy or there is no answer, it will automatically switch back. The first group, until someone answers or hangs up. Up to 5 groups of numbers can be stored;
7. Auto hang up: After the call is over, the phone will automatically detect the busy tone signal and inverse limit signal of the switch, and hang up after several confirmations;
8. Sound adjustment: The phone has two levels of volume adjustment. Bass range, this mode uses telephone line direct power supply, the volume is 60~70dBA, the effective hands-free distance is: 0.1~0.2m; the high range, this mode needs to be connected to 220V power supply or 6~12V DC power supply, the volume size is: :≥90dBA, after testing, the effective hands-free distance is 0.8m~1m when the ambient noise is 80dBA; the factory default is the second gear, that is, it needs to be connected to the 220V power supply;
9. Linkage function: The phone reserves two open nodes, one open and one open. When the phone is off-hook/hangs up, the two dry nodes respectively provide two sets of pulse switch signals, one open and one off;
10. Support OEM OEM service, LOGO logo and packaging instructions can be customized according to requirements;
11. More functions can be customized according to requirements. Please communicate with the company's sales staff in advance to ensure that the phone can meet your needs.

Specific parameters


Installation diagram

a. Use the matching M8 bolts to fix the phone on the installation backplane;
b. Drill 4 Φ10 holes (225.5*140mm) on the wall according to the hole positions shown on the installation back plate, and then insert the explosive screws into the holes;
c. Fix the phone and the installation backplane on the wall with matching nuts;
d. According to the outlet label, connect the power cord, network cable and speaker cable (speaker cable) respectively;
E. Fix the speaker in a suitable position and the installation is complete.

Product packaging specifications
Specification: 1 set/box
Gross weight: 8.0 KG
Net weight: 7.0KG
Packing: EPE, carton

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